[Exalted] A Destiny Calls (Retrospect)

Started by Bifford, September 03, 2010, 08:46:40 PM

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From the feedback I got from each player I think I did pretty well for a first timer GM, especially with a system like Exalted.

I initially ignored WhiteWolf's combat system and went with a more D&D style initiative based rounds scheme, but then to start with I kept the combat basic and quick. I learnt with my players and with a bit of down-time practice. By the end of session 13 we had it pretty much worked out (though I'm still not even 75% certain of what I'm doing with combat!)

Play wise they enjoyed the route. Only one player (Paul's Lady Kane) said their character had no real "reason" for staying with the group as she was very monetry-gaining driven and would have probably ignored the dream....but I know Paul, and he is one of those "I'll rail-road the GM wherever possible to upset the cart!" sort of people, so I didn't mind that. In fact the fact that he stayed with my game proved he liked it, and me as a GM.

A few people left, a few people joined. Wayne is used to playing necromancers and their ilk so I don't think the spirit-talker sat well with him, while it suited Emma much better.

In the end I think I had a well-balanced group of players AND characters, and for a first time out I think I did reasonably well! :)

I look forward to having another go sometime.....though now I've moved an hour away from Seaxe & Sorcery I'm not sure when that will be. I'm thinking of starting a Colchester (Essex) based group on a casual basis, but need to make RPG friends here first! :)

Sam / Bifford