Pre-second round thoughts and prep

Started by Eigil Rischel, January 19, 2011, 08:05:44 PM

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Eigil Rischel

Hi Everyone.
Ron, is there any sort of plan as to when the second round will begin? Or will it just happen when the Round one entries have been reasonably playtested and polished?
I ask because i would like to enter the second round, but i am going to have a fairly tight schedule the next month or so. If there is any sort of plan, i might be able to free up some time there to work on the game.

Ron Edwards

Hello! I was just working up a post about this.

Dates: I was thinking about starting February 3 or 4 to include the weekend warriors. However, my computer time is drastically limited on weekends so I probably won't be able to update much during that time. I will probably be kept hopping just to catch the nine-entry deadline if it hits before the following Monday.

The rules about timing and pretty much everything else will be exactly the same.

I'll be a little more clear about the limits on terms use.

I'll suggest a little creativity about physical presentation as part of the inspiration - but not as a criterion! Merely to make it more fun for me and the author and everyone reading it.

So yeah, if anyone has any other questions about the second round, post them here.

Best, Ron

Eigil Rischel

Well, i should be able to squeeze in 24 hours that weekend.

Ron Edwards


That's coming up fast, isn't it? That's unfortunately going to be a rough weekend for me in the real-life front, though, so my updates and attention will be a little spotty until the following Monday.

All right, I'm ready for it. I think the first round made a pretty strong start even though I'd hoped to have playtested more of them by now. I'll keep going with it and I hope others will stay committed too.

I'll start a new thread on that day with the terms, as well as summarizing the rules for reference. Tell a friend, if you'd like.

Best, Ron

Devon Oratz

So just about four days from now, right? I think I'm going to *try* to participate this time around. I'm pretty psyched.
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Ron Edwards

That's great!

Also, for everyone: although nothing's wrong with statements of enthusiasm, remember, there's no requirement to sign in and pre-commit.

Thursday's the day, starting in the afternoon (my time, CST U.S.).

Best, Ron

Nathan P.

If you started it tomorrow instead, those of us snow-stricken and house-bound could sure use that as an opportunity to participate!

(i mean, start it whenever you want, but i'm just sayin...)
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Ron Edwards

I hear you, but I think at least a few people were really counting on having Friday-Saturday involved. And shifting the start day when we're so close is kind of a hassle of its own. Well, I'm conflicted. I'll decide later tonight.

Best, Ron