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Author Topic: World of Balviene fantasy setting invite  (Read 2076 times)

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« on: April 29, 2011, 06:53:19 PM »

Hey all!
 Been a lurker for a long time, and have been putting some effort off and on into a generic campaign setting. My goal is to create a PDF document, free to all that outlines the settings, its races, geography, etc. I have a few documents for you guys to look over for feedback. You will notice some 3rd ed D&D stats here and there. Ive decided intstead to make the setting system independent, so that GM's can adapt it to whatever setting they wish with minimal number crunching.

My invite to you guys is to please read, join in on discussions tell me what you like. I want to one day have published work out there, but for now, Im content putting a setting together free to all!

I have maps as well, but they are big and I need to figure a way to host them.

Here are three documents that will give an idea to start, with more to come if I have peaked your interest.

Be aware that all the names may be subject to change, and the artwork in the Elf book is not mine, and it being used as a place holder until I can find someone that can do original art.

Elves of Balviene

Dwarves of Noroc

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