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Author Topic: [On This, The Day of My Daughter's Wedding] recent Game Chef submission  (Read 1561 times)

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« on: August 03, 2011, 05:58:41 PM »

Hello fellow game enthusiasts and designers,

Recently, my friend and I submitted a game idea to Game Chef. The theme of Game Chef this year was Shakespeare. We designed what I think is a fun game that involves tragedy and managing minor characters. We even designed a LARP version of the game for those interested in that sort of game. We did not move on to the second round of Game Chef (still a really fun process!), but we received a lot of helpful feedback from our reviewers. My friend and I would love to continue working on this game, but we need assistance. We know the first step of items we need to improve, but we don't know what else might be out there. We need anyone willing to give the game a look through, play through, whatever and give us feedback on ways to improve the game to where it is a complete game.

If anyone in this forum would be willing to lend us a hand, we would be much appreciative.


Link to game contents: Daughter's Wedding on Google Docs

Mike NvP

~host of the Ninja vs Pirates Podcast

Do you like interviews with game designers? Check out our podcast at http://ninjavspirates.libsyn.com
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