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Started by Ron Edwards, October 07, 2011, 04:38:19 PM

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Ron Edwards

Hi everyone,

The past year has been a constant logistic nightmare to get Trollbabe finally back in print. My plan was November 2010, and that was itself a back-up, emergency, unexpectededly delayed plan. Which lets you know what it's been like since then.

So. The books ship from the printer on Monday, October 10. They arrive at my fulfiller's whenever they get there.

I have promised in the past that people who purchased the book from the 2008 print run will have some kind of forgiveness policy in place for buying a text which had not received final edits. (I still don't know how that happened. The mistakes in the print version had been corrected long before. But never mind.)

I'm not entirely sure what that forgiveness policy will be. I simply cannot afford to send a new copy to every person who bought the first version, at least not the shipping cost as well. Perhaps I can do it as follows:

1. Confirm to me that you did indeed buy it. The best and easiest way would be to reference your Paypal payment. Since I have the records of those, if you don't have the email confirmation handy, you can at least tell me what email and approximate date you bought it, and I can check it out. You have give me something to go on, though, not just "I bought it, gimme a new copy." If you bought it some other way, tell me how and we'll take it from there.

2.  Pay for the shipping cost.

Anyone who does these two things, gets a free replacement copy of Trollbabe.

There are also about a dozen people who have already paid for a copy but never received one, some of whom have been waiting through several "any minute now" promises for an embarrassingly long time. For these people, I will indeed comb the Paypal archives myself and pay full shipping price to get them the books. I have some copies being sent directly to me for exactly that purpose, so I can fuifill them immediately.

Best, Ron

Ron Edwards

Oh yeah – all communications about this should be carried out through email, to Any questions or comments about it can be handled here in the thread.

Ron Edwards

Oh yeah again! When the book's ready at the fulfiller's, I'll activate the buy-button for the PDF too. I'm getting PDFs ready for all my games, so I have to figure out how I'm going to bundle them with book sales. Probably the buyer gets the PDF along with the book, but can also buy the PDF alone if they want, or something like that.

Best, Ron

Ron Edwards

It's a Go! I have the books right in my hands and I'm mailing out the first replacement copies today.

New customers, use the Un-Store Trollbabe button. (I'm in the process of linking to that at the Adept site too, as for my other games.)

Previous customers seeking a replacement, please simply email me, using the address in the above post, with any reminder details of your purchase and, pretty please, your current address. Remember, I'm not doing this automatically from my own records; you have to contact me for it.

Best, Ron

Ron Edwards


Apparently this thread has caused some anxiety among customers who did pay for the game but did not receive a copy, and who were willing to wait until the new printing.

If that applies to you, then don't do anything. You've already paid. You owe me nothing, and in fact, I owe you quite a lot for your patience. The game will simply appear in your mailbox. I am sending around an email to make sure of current addresses, which is an important issue considering the geographic range of the orders, but that's the only intermediary step.

So to summarize:

1. If you physically have an actual copy of the 2008-09 printed version of the game, contact me if you would like a replacement. Be prepared to pay postage, please. Also, that's real postage, not the blanket $3 from the Adept site (I'll calculate it).

2. If you paid for a copy and did not receive it, then you probably remember that we've corresponded and agreed to consider your payment a pre-order. This is still true. I have you all listed in a special file. Don't do anything, and please ignore the earlier posts in this thread. They only apply to the people in #1 above, not to you.

Best, Ron

Neil the Wimp

Are the changes in the 2011 reprint any different from the errors listed in the existing errata?

(And if anyone can point me in the direction of the errata online, that would be nice. I can't seem to find it at the moment.)
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Ron Edwards

I haven't posted a list of the errors. The printing hassles have occupied all my attention, but maybe now I can get to it. If anyone has done so already, that's great, let us know.
Best, Ron