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Author Topic: Readers/playtesters wanted for new sci-fi RPG  (Read 1955 times)

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« on: December 11, 2011, 04:18:00 AM »

Greetings everyone,

I am almost finished the manuscript for a sci-fi RPG Iíve been working on. Iím looking to see if anyone would be interested in giving it a look over to proide some feedback and thoughts, and/or doing some playtesting.

The manuscript will be about 350 pages long once itís all put together. There is no artwork on it yet. Itís all words just now.

A quick glance at the chapters that are included:
1. The Galaxy: A quick history, tour of the primary regions and some info about life in the present age.
2. Character Creation: Rules for creating characters. There are 20 races to chose from,  and a pile of background and career packages. Character generation uses a points system to buy stats and skills.
3. The Rules: All the mechanics you need to play the game.
4. Equipment: A wide selection of gear, weapons and armour, including a fair amount of customising options.
5. Explosives: Grenades, rockets and demolitions get their own chapter with the relevant rules.
6. Robots: Rules for how robots work, guidelines to create new robots, and the stats for 23 common robots.
7. Vehicles: All the rules you need to use vehicles in the game, and stats for 54 vehicles, divided into civilian, security and military vehicles.
8. Aircraft: All the rules you need for aircraft, and the stats for 24 aircraft. Also includes a section on bomb-bay ordinance.
9. Spacecraft: All the rules you need for spacecraft, and the stats for 40 spacecraft.
10. Cybernetics: Cyber enhancements to add to characters.
11. Psionics: The rules for psionics in the game, and includes psionic specific backgrounds and careers, and 135 psionic powers.
12. Planets: A random planet generator, and the stats and figures for the galaxyís 40 most important planets.
13. The Gamesmaster: Guidelines for the GM, some more rules that werenít needed in the basic rules chapter but the GM might like, and rules for things like the environment and natural hazards.
14. NPCs and animals. Stats for stock NPCs and animals.
15. There will be an introductory adventure as well. This wonít be included in the basic manuscript, but will be added once some playtesting has been done and any tinkering that is required has been done to the system.

It's a simple d6 system. Whatever your skill level is, you roll that many d6 and add them all together. The total of the roll has to pass a Target Number for the check to be succesful. Everything else, like weapon damage, is also a number of d6 that get rolled and added together. The GM sets the Target Number for the check, then any modifiers that get applied change how many d6 you get to roll.

The game is set amid a galactic civil war. There was once a galactic Empire, but society has fallen apart and there has been several hundred years of war and strife. The galaxy is now divided between fractured governments, corporations and warlords, all of who are fighting for their own survival. The population of the galaxy is only 20% of what it used to be, and most of the planetsí urban areas lie derelict and damaged.

The setting includes an original form of inter-stellar travel, which should inspire some cool artwork (youíll only find out more about that if you want to look over the game and hopefully playtest it). Spacecraft only operate in space; they get you from planet to planet, and you then have to use aircraft in the planetís atmosphere.

The factions of the galaxy are all at war with each other and struggling to survive and prosper, but nobody has the resources anymore to fight full scale wars, so everyone now uses small units, special forces, and sabotage. The player characters take on the role of mercenary agents who hire their services out to the factions, to perform any type of mission imaginable, from military actions, assassination, theft, bodyguard, hijack, data-theft, exploration, smuggling, etc etc.

I would greatly appreciate the opinions and thoughts of anyone who will take the time to look over the manuscript, and hopefully some people will be interested in playtesting, giving constructive feedback and helping to shape this game before it gets completed and published.

If youíre interested, reply on here or drop me a private message. Iíll be in touch soon to arrange sending you the manuscript.


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« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2011, 07:14:10 AM »

My group is always looking for new games to toy with, so I'll definitely take a look at the manuscript for you. If I can convince my group to play a session as well, I'll give you a write-up about it.
Ron Edwards
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« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2011, 07:40:28 AM »


Please note the rules for this forum, posted in the sticky thread at top. New topics here must include a link to any kind of external document or site to use as reference.

Everyone else, please note the likelihood that two people from the development group have probably posted in a strategic fashion to create the illusion of public interest (at the time of this post, Eidolon and Dprim have exactly 1 post each, the above two).

Unless Eidolon posts again with a link of some kind, I'll sink this thread in a day or two. No one else reply, please.

Best, Ron
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