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Author Topic: Announcing PolyPrize -- an independent game design competition  (Read 8529 times)

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« on: March 19, 2012, 05:45:35 AM »

Hi everyone.  I thought you'd like to know about the game design competition our convention is holding this year. The rules are below, and I'd be happy to answer any questions.

   PolyCon is a gaming convention held every year in San Luis Obispo, CA; run by students and alumni of the California Polytechnic State University.
   In order to foster the development of independent games, PolyCon created the PolyCon Independent Game Design Prize (or PolyPrize).  The PolyPrize awards a grand to assist in further development and publication of the winning game, and provides all participants with feedback on the game's design.

Eligibility<Submitting a Game<The Prototypes
   All who enter are required to submit two prototypes.  Each prototype should include a representation of all components that will be included with the final game.  You are not being judged on the physical quality of your prototype.  It doesn't have to be fancy if it gets the job done.
   The prototypes should be prominently labeled with the name of the game.  However, any instance of the designer's name should be removed to preserve the anonymous nature of the entries.
   After the end of the contest, one of the prototype copies will be sold at auction in order to raise funds for next year's contest.  The other will be placed in the PolyCon game library.

   The games will be scored by groups of volunteer judges recruited from the Cal Poly gaming community.  The judges will provide numerical scores in the following areas, with each category being weighted equally:

   *Style and Theme
   *Game Mechanics
   *Clarity of Rules and Components

   The PolyPrize competition is designed not just to award a prize but to provide playtesting feedback to all designers who enter the competition.  Each judging group will provide notes on the game-play, describing which parts of the game worked well, which were troublesome or unclear, and so forth.  If you have specific playtest questions you would like the judges to answer, please include them in your contest submission e-mail.

The Winner
   Finalists will be selected based on numerical scores, and will be announced no later than June 14th, 2012 via email.  Then the volunteer judges will discuss among themselves and select one of the finalists to be the PolyPrize winner.
   The winning entry will be announced on June 24th at the PolyCon Auction.  The winner will receive grant of at least $500 towards development and publication costs.  Other prizes may be awarded at the judgment of the competition administrator and the volunteer judges.
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