The [Jackson Tegu's 2012 Gamechef Submission] Thread.

Started by jackson_tegu, April 07, 2012, 03:39:07 PM

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Quote...if a character runs out of dice, they gain great power and different in-game permissions or authority...
Nope, I think I'm-a have to steal that one.


I like your idea about lamps jackson_tegu,

I was thinking because my game has four animals the interrupt hand signal (I normally use "time-out" or similar) could be shadow puppets.

Thanks for all your help in my thread,
:) Snake_Eyes


UserClone: I'm stoked to play the game where i get to do that. Should i schedule a session yet, or...? Oh, you have more work to do on it? ; )

Snake_Eyes: That's really thematic! I'm gonna like doing that, too, when yours is ready to go!

*Also there is a rustling behind the curtain. Apparently there is a section of the table that is still obscured by it.*

"Uh, don't mind me, i'll be out in a minute!"
sure of ourselves, aren't we?


I could not find hand signal for all the animals yet.

I really like your light box.

Harn official pizza-box planetarium.

Idk if it is too prohibitive (is for me), but you can photocopy on clear plastic like a projector presentation.

I thought it would be cool, but I figured that since I use Domino tiles already I do not want any other unique items to play the game.

Also second any game involving giant fighting robots and cardboard boxes. You could use a "lucky dip" mechanic with boxes having random amounts of jelly baby people. A pinata resolution system or something.

:) Snake_Eyes


Whoa, Snake_Eyes, that is a crazy link! Totally inspiring! Really got my mind churning.

I've only got a minute here, so i wanted to write a thing about my process of thinking about those game ideas i posted. (That stuff behind the curtain earlier was me writing some tentative, private notes, so here i'm backing up a bit to say...)

So, i have two main ideas, and several variations on the second of those.
Since this is Game Chef, and is therefore TOTALLY NOT my masterpiece that i have to spend the rest of my life perfecting (do a little brow-wipe here, phew!), i can just pick anything that my mind flits over to and rests upon. If you have a "better" idea later in the week, write it down and look at it after the rush is over. This time right now, my friends, is our sketch book for game creation. So, for me? Giant monsters that hide in a box city? Done. Totally gonna do that, i picked it that easily & the reason that i can do so is that it just has to be A game, not THE BEST POSSIBLE game.

And so then i'll start writing it, right? Well, not me. First i daydream about it. And what i'm daydreaming about specifically is

  • what do i want the players to do during the game,
  • what do i want the players to feel during the game,
  • and what do i want the players to take away from the game.
And these aren't hard questions, right? I can answer them broadly, and zoom in later. I want the players to get out of their comfort zones and use their bodies to... WHAT? and i want them to feel mostly peaceful, and like part of something cool, and sometimes a bit of stress about whether a thing will work out or not, and then i want them to take away a feeling of having participated in something special.

The "WHAT?" is clearly something that i will figure out later in the design process. But for now, it's safe to say that i'm not going to be putting in any dicey flip-cards resolve-a-thing type mechanics, because those would take away from what i've already established.

Of course, i can change this up later, too.

Also, what if the monsters can't talk to one another, but need to co-ordinate somehow?
And what if there are re-do's, so if you knock over a building then it all resents for the next night or whatever. And...
like, are there day phases and night phases? Oh yeah, there's part sitting at a table maybe. That could be the day, and the night has the monsters in the city sneaking around.

This game is great. See you later!
sure of ourselves, aren't we?

C. Edwards

In my head this looks like a melding of My Neighbor Totoro and the old Rampage video game. That makes me happy. :)


So, no time for internets as RL is running like crayzee,
plus local meetup to discuss gamechef stuff = whoa, lotsa action in the back of the shop, behind the curtain.
lots of clanging sounds.

Like, lots.
sure of ourselves, aren't we?


That was two days ago. I thought you said it would be different this time. *sniff*



I say that like everytime.
I'm gonna change, baby, i swear.

I just finished a draft! Weeooo weoo. a few minutes ago.
Nice, right? Now i am going to go and ride my bike to get some ice cream because portland is hot as god damn right now. Also so am i weeeooo wooeeeeooo
sure of ourselves, aren't we?