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Started by Fractal Advocate, April 09, 2012, 10:51:18 PM

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Fractal Advocate

So I was making my theurapeutic pre-apocalyptic drinking game, and I went back to check my links, and... I wrote one of them down wrong. And can't find it via forum searching.

So now I may have to discard everything so far if I roll a new random element that doesn't fit with my current concept. Or maybe I should just reroll them all and start fresh. I dunno.


If it was me, I would just choose the first link from a new list to replace the one you forgot.  It sounds like you are imspired.  I'd hate for you to have to throw that inspiration out.

Moreno R.

I agree with Troy, but if you really want to find that thread, look into the chronology page of your browser, probably it's still there.

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)

Jonathan Walton

Yeah, check your History page in your browser!  Might still be there.  Or tell us what the thread was about and maybe we can help track it down!

Fractal Advocate

Unfortunately I was on my cell phone browser(opera mini) at the time, which has a very abbreviated history.

It was a thread about having a list of priorities for a character having mechanical effect with the highest having most effect. Another idea within it was only the highest goal counting for bonus and having to finish that goal before bonus to the next one and so forth.

There was a grid set out like
at some point.

Post number I wrote down was 15251, but that and various variations of it didn't get me there.

I believe the title began with a [Bracketed Words], but not one I was familiar with.

I have tried various searching/brute force techniques in an attempt to find it, so unless it looks familiar to someone, I'd suggest against trying that.

Incidentally, 'priority' is a super common word on the forge.

I'll give this a little while to see if it jogs anyone's memory, and if not, grab a new link from the link generator.

Jonathan Walton

Seems like you've got the bulk of the concept there. Do you really need the original thread anymore?

Fractal Advocate

Not particularly, just seemed like I should be able to reference where I grabbed from from a contest standpoint. Even though my interpetation of the elements are pretty impressionistic anyways.

Jonathan Walton

Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it, then. You can easily say something about the lost thread in the intro and I don't think anybody in the original thread will be too upset, especially since this is just the alpha draft stage.