Coyote Apocalypse

Started by Stan, April 15, 2012, 11:51:21 PM

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Here's the submission:

Coyote Apocalypse, coyote spirits racing to reform their god and competing to be dominant:

Unfortunately, there is one key play aid that kept getting hosed up when I tried to paste it into the main file. Here's the Essence Map as a separate file, sorry for the inconvenience:

The game uses the ingredients coyote, mimic, lantern, and the the following thread on relationships:

I wish I had more time/room to add more gaming advice, more setting info, and more options, including GMless play.  But I was barely below 3000 words not counting play aids. 


And yea, I know my art and layout abilities are primitive at best.

I believe I forgot to mention that the only bit of art is open domain as far as I can tell.  I found it here: