Just a new go at 'status' magic effects...

Started by Cedric, April 11, 2012, 04:51:24 PM

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Here a thought I had while considering the gap between 'traditional' high-fantasy spell lists versus the practical subset of those spells which are actually used during game sessions.
Due to the high number of involved values introduced in this proposal, the implementation target would rather be RPG video games; still there might be something reusable as well for more traditional roleplaying games.

This is highly on the 'gamist' side (for once :)) - the idea is to have a 'resistance' value to status effects such as 'Instant Death' - so that by spamming said spell you eventually should kill your target, even if it's the story's Big Bad. The benefit I see is that such spells will become a valid strategy against all opponents, and still won't ruin the fun and 'epic' of struggles against mighty opponents if killed in one hit...

Feedback warmly welcome. Also, if this doc can inspire you for something more efficient (or even if you like it as it is), feel free to reuse the concept. I don't have (immediate) plans to implement something based on this idea but would be curious to see if you'd find it interesting to play a game based on it.

It's a four-pager, here goes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iHRYHfXQ1suPQlS42W8pIMVnWV90c3uVo_XtkwTuZrI/edit




This is actually a really neat idea. I don't think I've seen something quite like it. Can I steal this for a magic system in my game? With credit, of course.


Hi Joseph,
If you add the credits then it's not stealing ;)

By all means, please go ahead. I'm looking forward to see what this system can do in a real game.

Best of luck with your game,