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Author Topic: Does the reference relay the concepts?  (Read 6027 times)

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« on: April 19, 2012, 10:46:05 PM »

I'm trying to get feedback for my game system D10/0, so I have some points to work on to further its development. 

Here's the page with the D10/0 System Reference Document:

Key Points of the System:
Branching Skill Tree System
Roll-Under Mechanics
Checks use disparity between roll and goal number to give degree of success or failure in one roll.
Low GM to player crosstalk when doing checks. (Less numbers and figures going back and forth between player and GM to accomplish the check)
Modular system with rule set that aims to provide foundation to work from

I'm currently focusing on seeing if the system reference document relays the concepts of the game system properly. I'm sure there's gaps of knowledge the document isn't disclosing and parts that need to be greatly expanded upon to assist in the understanding. But, I'm too close to the system to really sense these gaps fully and what needs to be clarified.  I need some outside eyes to help me find where the gaps are so I can make a checklist of sorts to work through.  The current system reference document is the product of flash furnace grade boiling down of materials.  Hence, why it is a bit dense and full of cracks.  Any feedback is appreciated.
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