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The Standard Rants

Started by Troy_Costisick, February 08, 2011, 10:02:55 PM

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There was a tradition in the RPG Theory forum for members to vent their thoughts on game design and game play in what was known as a "Standard Rant."  These rants offered some of the best advice that I have ever gotten and are among the most memorable threads here at the Forge.  I have collected as many as I could find.  If I or anyone come across more of them, they'll be added in subsequent posts.  I've arranged them in alphabetical order for ease of reference, but it is also useful to examine the time period in which each rant was posted.  They are a reflection of design and play thought at that time.

Chris's Standard Rant: "Innovative" April 19, 2003

John's Standard Rant #1: Freeform Traits August 26, 2005

Kirt's Standard Rant #1: Metaplots July 28, 2003

Mike's Standard Rant #1:  Designers, Know your Hobby! March 13, 2003

Mike's Standard Rant #2: Species/Race/Culture February 15, 2003

Mike's Standard Rant #3 August 26, 2004

Mike's Standard Rant #4: Stat/Skill Systems May 02, 2002

Mike's Standard Rant #5: The Myth of Opposed Rolls July 08, 2002

Mike's Standard Rant #6: Concepts are a Dime a Dozen August 28, 2003

Pag's Standard Rant- Scene Framing April 13, 2004

Tony's Standard Rant #1:  Roleplay/Game Duality April 05, 2005

Tony's Standard Rant #2: Disagreement!=Dysfunction May 28, 2005

Troy's Standard Rant #1 September 13, 2005

Troy's Standard Rant #2: Follow Up September 28, 2005

Troy's Standard Rant #3: The Power 19 October 18, 2005

Vincent's Standard Rant: Power, Credibility, and Assent. October 04, 2002



Moreno R.

There is this one, too. It's not called "standard" but it should::

"Sacrificing Character Integrity" - a Rant by Vincent  June 30, 2004

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)

Neil the Wimp

A correction: This is Mike's Standard Rant #3: Combat Systems. The link above is to a discussion of that standard rant.
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