TSOY starting characters and advances

Started by blueflame, October 25, 2008, 10:30:46 AM

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Please can someone do a breakdown for the starting TSOY characters Violet and Oliphant and how they spent their 5/25 advances? I'm pondering a new TSOY game and it's the first thing I'm having problems getting my head around. I know it should be easy but I've given myself a headache and now I can't see the wood for the tress...:-)


the sample characters unfortunately are a bit off. 

This is my breakdown:

Violet, 5 Advances:
– 1 to get an additional pool point
– 3 for an additional ability at adept (you have to pay 1 advance for adept, and 2 advances to advance to competent)
– 1 for an additional ability at competent
– 1 for the second key

Yes, that adds up six advances. I'd fix it by setting Violet's Music skill to unskilled.

Oliphant, 5 Advances:
– 2 advances for 2 additional abilities at competent
– 3 advances for three additional secrets

Violet, 25 Advances:
– 4 advances for pools
– 3 advances to advance Spear-Fighting from adept to master
– 6 advances for two additional abilities at adept
– 3 advances for three additional abilities at competent
– 4 advances for the three additional secrets (Secret of Imbuement counts as two secrets)
– 2 advances for the two additional keys

Adds up to 22 advances. I'd fix it by adding 2 points to Vigor and 1 point to Instinct.

Nota Bene: I computed this as if a starting character would get 25 advances, since the spending order of advances is irrelevant for a true-up

Oliphant, 25 Advances:

– 2 advances for pools
– 12 advances for two Abilities at master level
– 2 advances for one Additional ability at adept level
– 4 advances for 4 additional Abilities at competent level
– 6 advances for 6 additional Secrets
– 1 advance for one additional Key

Adds up to 27 Advances. I'd fix this by dropping Theft and reducing Instinct to 2.


thank u oliof

I thought they were a bit off with their totals! :-)