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Started by osaka, April 08, 2012, 12:19:54 PM

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Hello, this is my first try to write this kind of game. I did some larps, mostly horrors and few quasi-larps with storytelling in its center, or based on custom cards similar to those in magic: the gathering, but this time i want to try tabletop, or something similar. I'm sorry for my english, it's my second language, I promise my game will be checked by someone more educated than me before i'll post it.

As this year's theme is Last chance, my first thought was to do a game about death. About last hour(s) of someone's life. I thought about sick or old persons in some kind of hospice or similar place in which they face the possibility to change one thing they did in their lifes. But then I got my threads.

First one was disappointing, only about multiple dice mechanics, so not very inspiring. But the rest convinced me to change my previous idea a bit.

The second was about "game as a methaphor of something". I've decided that every good game can be read as methaphor, but instead I can use some inspiring, well-known for methaphors boks or art in my game. I'm not sure what it will be, but, I tend to use at least few works mentioned in the thread, including the Bible and Kafka's works.

Third one I've got is about the idea to use colors as superpowers, each with two different aspects. I've decided, that my characters will be assigned to three most important colors: green, red and blue, whitch will grant them some skills, but some disadvantages also. The powers/colors will be able to mix in other colors/powers, when players cooperate.

The fourth was about d20 setting about mages, with easy spell-casting. At first I was sceptical, but then I remembered the "color of magic" phrase, which happen to be Terry Pratchett's novel. This is when all of my ideas became one.

I want to design a game about a magical world builded around the lantern. Since the color "derives from the spectrum of light (distribution of light power versus wavelength) interacting in the eye with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors." (Wikipedia) I figured out that the Lantern should be nearly out of fuel, so the mages, who take their powers from colors have their last chance to change the world by their will, before the world will become black and white and not-magical. I want to include mimic-mage in the characters - he will be able only cast spells in color that was used just before his casting. I guess I don't want to resign from death topic, so I'll do my best to make it less apocalyptic, but more personal for each mage. Maybe I'll use some biblical methaphores. This way I got 5 ingredients included, an I wonder can I use more than 4? If not, at least I have some freedom in excluding one during writing if this won't fit well to other concepts.

How do you like it? Any thoughts?

And good luck to other contestors!
Oskar Mieczkowski

Lucas 'Tor' Garczewski

Cool idea, Osaka!

So, if I understand correctly, there'll be different colours of magic? Black magic and red magic, and blue magic? Consider having a special role among those "orders" for black and/or white mages, perhaps make them have some countermagic abilities – seems like that would be in tune with "last chance to change the world by their will, before the world will become black and white and not-magical."
Lucas 'Tor' Garczewski
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You understand correctly :).
Countermagic of the black and white mages seems like a good idea to me, thanks!

I also decided to make the characters random. I think about 3 character cards for each players, 1st with the faction/color, 2nd with personal goal of mage (the thing he want to do before it's too late), 3rd with his role in the faction. These combined would make character sheet, diferrent for each game.
Oskar Mieczkowski

Jason Pitre

Good luck with your first submission.

What kind of conflict will your mages be faced with?  Why do the orders disagree with eachother?  What is the central mood for the game?

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I intend to make a game about losing something very important and dealing with it. It should be about personal loss, about dying/changing, not about apocalypse.

I'm not sure yet how will I antagonize the mages of different powers, but I guess the conflict will be ancient and based on stereotypes. I want them to be rivals, but I don't want to suggest they can't work together. Each order will have totally different purposes and goals, essential to finish the play.
Oskar Mieczkowski


Perhaps a way to start is to just fill in a few colors, rather than all at once. So what kinds of conflicts and goals will black/white/blue mages have?