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Started by Jonathan Walton, April 02, 2012, 04:43:20 PM

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Jonathan Walton

Hey Folks,

We're super psyched to bring you Game Chef one final time on the Forge. Our team this year, aside from me, includes Mike "Original Master Chef" Holmes and Joe "Master Sous Chef" Mcdaldno, the latter of whom will be taking over as Master Chef in 2013, after the world ends.

Regular updates about the competition this year will continue to be posted on the Game Chef website / blog, where we've already started a series of "Alumni Reports" with past Game Chef participants, updating everyone on the current state of their games and offering advice to both veterans and newcomers.

We scheduled this year's competition specially so we could make it happen before the Forge goes into hibernation and there are a few Forge-inspired "Easter Eggs" in this year's Game Chef as a tribute to what Ron, Clinton, Vincent, and everyone else has created over the past decade+.

If you're new to Game Chef, you might want to check out both the about page on the website and the guidelines for last year's competition, to get a better sense of how it works.

The rules and guidelines for this year's contest will be posted the afternoon of Friday, April 6, so that folks in other time zones aren't at too much of a disadvantage. Until then, hang out with your fellow chefs, enjoy the "Alumni Reports" on the blog, and get ready for Last Chance Game Chef.

Hugs and kisses, your MC,
The Master Chef


I'm super exited, as always. Just one thing I wanted to check though;

What's the time zone for the contest? Helps us from different timezones to know when to expect the rules and around what time the contest starts.

Nice work as always, let's have a nice contest this year as well!

Jonathan Walton

I'm in Seattle, if that helps. I'm happy to be flexible with folks in other time zones; just let me know what I can do.


I'm very excited about this contest. I've learned a lot since last year, and I'm ready to make a strong showing.
My entry last year: http://www.goodideagames.com/otherprojects/wyrdsisters


What sort of layout is expected here? I'm pretty certain I can write a cool game, but I know ZERO about layout/graphic design/etc. So if it makes your eyes bleed to read it, does it still count?

Jonathan Walton

No layout is expected or required. Game Chef 2008 actually required all submissions as TXT files to level the playing field, so that's totally acceptable if you want to keep it simple. I actually encourage folks who aren't experienced in graphic design to do as little as possible, since it takes up a lot of time and distracts from the real purpose.


Looking forward to participating again! I've learned absolutely nothing about game design since last year, so I'm hoping to be consistent, if nothing else.
--Mike Olson


Okay, well that's great news. I've seen some intimidatingly pretty games come out of Game Chef, so it's nice to know that no judgments are actually based on layout/graphic design as such.

Gandalf Jones


Hello there ^^
This is my first post on The Forge, for the fact I purpousely made this account for Game Chef 2012.
It's the first time I try, I hope to come up with a competitive idea.
Wish good luck to everyone ;)


Should be fun. I'll give it a go.

Mike Holmes

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm very honored to have been invited back for this event. From the look of things, it should be a great time! I'm looking forward very much to what everybody brings to the table this year.

Good Luck!

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I was going to give it a try last year and chickened out. I am definitely in this year. no backing down this time.
My blog, my designs, stories, what have you

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Jonathan Walton