Tap-in Thread

Started by Jonathan Walton, April 04, 2012, 03:26:02 PM

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A friend of mine told me I'm doing this--so I am!



I think this is my first ever post on The Forge.

I'm in.


Wow, I almost missed that !
Well, I'll give it a try, and see what comes out.


I would be most interested in participating.


Lavinia Fantini

I think I'll give it a try :-)
English isn't my first language, be kind and forgive my mistakes please.

Jason Pitre

I am absolutely in; this should be great.
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Mike Holmes

I count 35 already... 36 if Artman can get over being impressed by the schlubs he quotes in his post. ;-)

Not bad... not bad...


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Jonathan Walton

Mike, we've had at least 232 hits on Vincent's random threads page. Just sayin.'  I think we're definitely beating last year's 67 games. Might even beat the all-time record of 82.  It helps that we have a lot of Italian folks participating too.


Michael S. Miller

::dons poufy white hat::

Now is the time. Let us design. Let us not quietly into that good night.

::rolls up sleeves and starts typing::


Yeah, I have some ideas.